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Environmental sampling, sample processing and basic analyses

Contact - Roman Prokeš, M.Sc.


1. Air sampling – high volume air samplers

  • Samplers Thermo-Andersen GPS-1
  • Digitel DH-77 (Cascade Impactor – air particles fractionation)
  • Leckel MVS-6 (various heads - TSP, PM10, PM2.5)

2. Passive air sampling

  • Samplers based on polyurethane foam (PUF disk collection method)

3. Aquatic sampling (including lake sampling – sampling boat available)

4. Flow measurement

  • FlowTracker Handheld-ADV

5. Polar compounds passive aquatic sampling

  • POCIS, silicone rubber (SPMD)

6. Soil sampling (including soil stratification)


7. Sediments sampling

  • Eijkelkamp 04.23

Sample Processing and Basic Analyses

1. Solid, liquid and biotic samples lyophilisation

  • Lyophilisators Christ Gamma 1-16 LSC
  • Heto PowerDry LL3000

2. Total organic carbon and basic elements analysis

  • Analysators ELEMENTAR LiquiTOC II
  • Vario TOC – cube

3. Basic aquatic parameters analysis (pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen)

  • WTW Multi 340i SET