Studium a vzdělání PhD studium Environmental toxicology

Environmental toxicology and Protein engineering

More details about our current topics for Ph.D. projects within the area of Environmental chemistry, Epidemiology and Protein Engineering are listed below. Discussion about the research topic with supervisor is mandatory before the formal application – feel free to contact directly the responsible supervisor.

PhD topics

Bioactive compounds from cyanobacteria affecting vertebrate development
Supervisor: Klára Hilscherová, Ph.D., associate professor,

Enantioselectivity of current chiral conazole fungicides
Supervisor: Dr. Jakub Hofman, associate professor,

Image-based phenotypic screening in toxicology
Supervisor: Iva Sovadinová, Ph.D.,

Study of internal and external factors on human microbiome
Supervisor: Eva Budinská, Ph.D.,

In silico modelling of biophysical properties of proteins
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jiří Damborský,

Adverse Outcome Pathways of emerging contaminants and their mixtures
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Luděk Bláha,

Use of Hermetia illucens to waste processing
Supervisor: Dr. Jakub Hofman, associate professor,

3-dimensional in vitro models in toxicology
Supervisor: Dr. Pavel Babica, associate professor,


For consultation with the supervisor, candidates should submit the application including (i) curriculum vitae, (ii) motivation letter, (iii) contacts of two persons who might provide references. Formal application to Ph.D. studies at Masaryk University will then require further documentation and formalities from the candidates and will be processed through an electronic application.