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Aktuální a velké projekty ECODIS - Dynamic Sensing of Chemical Pollution Disasters and Predictive Modelling of their Spread and Ecological Impact (EU FP6 contract No. 518043-1)

Hlavní řešitel Hlavní řešitel: Holoubek Ivan

Doba řešení Doba řešení: 2005—2008

Zadavatel Zadavatel: EU

Mezinárodní projekt

Objectives of the project are to develop systems for dynamic sensing of chemical pollution disasters and predictive modelling of their spread and ecological impact. The approaches are based on combinations of analytical and biological (ecotoxicological) tools.

ECODIS develops sensor technologies for monitoring the physicochemical reactivity and biological impact of inorganic and organic pollutant species in aquatic systems. ECODIS also applies these technologies to the study of the short and long term chemical and biological status of aquatic ecosystems following a pollution disaster. Exposure conditions experienced by organisms are defined by the temporal profiles of concentration and speciation of pollutants. These profiles are quantitatively linked to biological effects via an innovative dynamic approach based on the flux of pollutant species as a key parameter in effective ecosystem quality. One of the ultimate targets in ECODIS's action plan is the formulation of a comprehensive set of guidelines for monitoring, data management, and interpretation of pollution disasters.

URL URL: http://www.fenk.wau.nl/ecodis/